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13 October 2017

(Discrimination | Gender Identity)
New Federal court finds sex discrimination laws protect transgender people News item summary Order: 478.01kb
United States, California

(Children: Custody | Parenting)
New In Lesbian Couple's Custody Battle, Court Sides With Biological Mother News item summary Opinion: 292.98kb Concurring Opinion of Musmanno J.: 123.80kb
United States, Pennsylvania

12 October 2017

New Court dismisses lesbian couple's same-sex marriage lawsuit News item summary

(Gender Identity)
New Greece passes gender recognition law News item summary

(Immigration, Residency | Gender Identity)
British transgender woman given residency in 'safer' New Zealand News item summary
New Zealand

HB 1523 Becomes Law Amid Outcry, U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Appeal News item summary
United States, Mississippi

10 October 2017

(Crime | Homosexuality)
Queensland Parliament: Legislation passed to expunge convictions over historical homosexual convictions News item summary
Australia, Queensland

(Estates, Wills)
Court finds unsent text message to be a valid will News item summary Order: 305.04kb
Australia, Queensland

09 October 2017

(Gender Identity | Sexual Orientation | Discrimination)
New California law allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun, sponsor denies that would happen News item summary
United States, California

08 October 2017

(Children: Parenting Benefits | Gender Identity)
Finland's First Pregnant Man Reportedly Faces Battle for Social Benefits News item summary

07 October 2017

(HIV, Aids | Health, Medical)
California Governor Signs Bill Modernizing state HIV Laws News item summary
United States, California

(Children: Parenting)
Italian parents ordered to maintain gay 18-year-old son News item summary

05 October 2017

(Crime | Indecent Conduct)
Sending nude selfies doesn't qualify as 'indecent exposure', says Maine high court News item summary Opinion: 154.90kb
United States, Maine

(Children: Parenting)
Appeals Panel Recognizes "Presumption of Legitimacy" for Same-Sex Marriage Child News item summary Opinion: HTML
United States, New York

(Canon Law)
Austin church will not marry anyone because of national body's ban on same-sex marriages News item summary
United States, Texas

04 October 2017

(Violence: Sexual Harassment)
6th Circuit tosses same-sex harassment case against U.S. Steel News item summary
United States, Michigan

(Partners: Domestic, Registered | Health, Medical)
Governmental Entities Now Prohibited From Offering Benefits to Domestic Partners of Employees News item summary
United States, Wisconsin

(Violence: Harassment | Crime)
Indiana Supreme Court: Sex with 16-year-olds is legal, but sending them nude photos is not News item summary Opinion: 197.79kb
United States, Indiana

03 October 2017

(Children: Custody, Access, Visitation)
Missouri Court of Appeals Says Non-Biological Parent Can Seek Custody Based on Significant, Bonded Relationship News item summary Opinion: 55.55kb
United States, Missouri

30 September 2017

(Marriage | Discrimination)
Court upholds ruling for Mississippi anti-LGBT law ­ but there’s stinging dissent News item summary On Petition for Rehearing En Banc: 183.74kb
United States, Mississippi

29 September 2017

(Discrimination | Gender Identity)
A&E Tire Sued By EEOC for Sex-Based Discrimination Against Transgender Applicant News item summary
United States, Colorado

(Gender Identity)
Groundbreaking transgender judgment in Botswana News item summary

28 September 2017

SSM survey challenges 'demonstrably without substance', High Court finds News item summary Judgment: 374.56kb
Australia, Federal

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