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26 June 2017

New U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Anti-LGBT Bakery Case News item summary Order List: 582 U.S.: 237.11kb
United States, Colorado

New Supreme Court rules for lesbian parents in Arkansas birth certificate case News item summary Opinion: 76.21kb
United States, Arkansas

25 June 2017

(Gender Identity | Health, Medical)
Surgery still mandated for transgenders to exercise fundamental rights News item summary

(Property, Money)
For richer, for poorer: splitting the assets and the couple News item summary
New Zealand

24 June 2017

(Assisted Reproduction)
Gay couples denied access to IVF after refusing to claim infertility, NT advocacy group says News item summary
Australia, Northern Territory

(Freedom of Association, Right of Assembly)
Istanbul Governor's Office bans LGBTI pride parade News item summary

(Crime | Homosexuality)
(In French) Homosexuality: Four months of prison for a 16-year-old News item summary

(Gender Identity)
First passport issued with gender-neutral 'X' option News item summary

23 June 2017

(Sexual Oreintation | Gender Identity)
Human Rights Watch Country Profiles: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity News item summary

(Gender Identity | Discrimination)
Fired transgender teacher loses appeal to have human rights complaint heard News item summary Memorandum of Judgment: 918.40kb
Canada, Alberta

(Parenting | Marriage)
Judge: Paternity not equal in same sex marriage News item summary
United States, Arizona

22 June 2017

(Crime | Homosexuality)
Germany to quash convictions of 50,000 gay men under Nazi-era law News item summary

(Marriage | Discrimination)
5th Circuit rules for Mississippi anti-LGBT 'religious freedom' law News item summary Judgment: 156.13kb
United States, Mississippi

(Parenting | Benefits)
Single parents win benefits cap High Court challenge News item summary Judgment: HTML
United Kingdom, England & Wales

21 June 2017

(Gender Identity)
Non-Binary Gender License Option Will Start Next Week News item summary
United States, Washington DC

20 June 2017

(Freedom of Expression | Discrimination)
European court angers Russia with 'gay propaganda' ruling News item summary Judgment: HTML

(Asylum, Refugees)
Gay refugee wins right to stay after Dutch court overturns justice minister News item summary

19 June 2017

(Crime | Freedom of Speech)
New Opinion analysis: Court invalidates ban on social media for sex offenders News item summary Opinion: 146.75kb
United States, North Carolina

(Discrimination | Violence)
Straight dude ''in tears'' after winning $17.4 million in homophobic discrimination lawsuit News item summary
United States, California

Same-sex marriage in Faroe Islands approved by Denmark News item summary
Faroe Islands

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