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08 July 2018

(Homosexuality | Decriminalization)
New Indian Psychiatric Society supports decriminalisation of homosexuality, says it’s not a disorder News item summary Statement: 1.30MB

07 July 2018

(Homosexuality | Health, Medical |Marriage)
New California Senate Takes Action on Pro-Gay Measures News item summary
United States, California

06 July 2018

(Assisted Reproduction)
Spain offers free fertility treatment for lesbians and single women News item summary

(Gender Identity | Health, Medical | Insurance)
Being Transgender Is a Mental Disorder, Israeli Insurance Company Says News item summary

05 July 2018

(Assisted Reproduction)
France's court says no legal reason to restrict lesbian couples from IVF News item summary

Osaka City to recognise same-sex partnership from July 9 News item summary

Govt Files Appeal In Same Sex Marriage Case News item summary

04 July 2018

(Gender Identity)
New Jersey Governor Signs Bills Giving Transgender Residents More Rights News item summary
United States, New Jersey

Bulgarian Court has Recognized the Rights of a Same-sex Couple News item summary

Same-sex couples in Hong Kong ‘should be granted lifelong spousal visas’, Court of Final Appeal rules News item summary Judgment: HTML
Hong Kong

03 July 2018

(Health, Medical | Gender Identity)
Bethlehem council backs ban on conversion therapy News item summary
United States, Pennsylvania

29 June 2018

Judge: Greater equality for same-sex couples News item summary
Trinidad & Tobago

(Parenting: Adoption)
Discrimination in South Carolina: Legislature Sends Appropriations Bill with Anti-LGBTQ Provision to Governor News item summary
United States, South Carolina

(Pension, Benefits)
Same Sex Couples in Costa Rica Can Now Receive Benefit of Pension in the Event of Widowhood News item summary
Costa Rica

Alberta judge blocks parents’ bid for right to know if kids join pro-LGBT club News item summary
Canada, Alberta

28 June 2018

(Gender Identity)
CCJ reserves ruling in transgender appeal News item summary

(Civil Rights)
Angola legally recognises LGBT rights lobby group in historic move News item summary

(Homosexuality | Crime)
Gay men in Northern Ireland offered access to pardons News item summary
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland

27 June 2018

(Civil Partners)
Heterosexual couple win civil partnership case News item summary Judgment
United Kingdom, England & Wales

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