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24 May 2019

Kenyan court upholds colonial-era laws criminalizing same-sex relations News item summary

18 May 2019

Lawmakers legalize same-sex marriage News item summary

16 May 2019

(Hate Crime | Gender Identity)
New 26MY19 Nevada bans trans, gay panic defense News item summary
United States, Nevada

New 26MY19 Mexican consulates to perform same-sex marriages News item summary

11 May 2019

(Gender Identity)
New 26MY19 Judge backs parents who allowed their four-year-old son to live as a girl and sent him to school in a girl's uniform - despite social workers accusing them of 'actively encouraging' their child's transgender identity News item summary PDF
United Kingdom, England & Wales

10 May 2019

Same Sex Marriages Banned in Zim News item summary

09 May 2019

(Parenting | Surrogacy)
Italy won't recognize gay couple as dads to surrogate babies: top court News item summary

(Gender Identity)
Mexico's top court says new birth certificate must be issued after sex change News item summary

08 May 2019

Supreme Court of Mexico Rules in Favor of Homoparental Adoption/Families News item summary

(Children: Custody)
Court Upholds Shared Child Custody for Nonbiological Lesbian Parent News item summary
United States, Pennsylvania

(Discrimination | Health, Medical | Gender Identity)
Transgender former state worker settles lawsuit for $27,000 News item summary
United States, Iowa

(Health, Medical)
Blood-donation deferral period drops to 3 months for gay, bisexual men News item summary

07 May 2019

(Gender Identity)
Tennessee Passes Bathroom Bill; Other Hurdles Loom News item summary
United States, Tennessee

06 May 2019

(Crime | Homosexuality)
Brunei backs away from death penalty under Islamic law News item summary
Brunei Darussalam

02 May 2019

(Gender Identity | Health, Medical)
Trump administration finalizes ‘conscience’ rule affecting transgender people’s health care News item summary
United States, Federal

(Gender Identity)
CAS ruling won't end intersex and transgender debate News item summary
Switzerland | South Africa

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