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December 2002

Swedish Gay Couples May Get Own Adoption Agency SE 27 DEC

Court Orders Nonbiological Parent to Pay Child Support US (PA) 20 DEC

'Second-parent' Adoption Phrase Deleted US (OH) 14 DEC

Fostering Shortage Met by Gay Couples AU 01 DEC

November 2002

Homosexual Couples in Denmark Could Soon be Allowed to Adopt Children DK 30 NOV

Transsexual Entertainer Allowed To Adopt Child HU 28 NOV

Lesbian Couple Celebrate Legal Parenthood ZA 07 NOV

Britain: Parliament OKs Gay Adoptions UK 05 NOV

Commons Victory In Gay Adoption Battle UK 05 NOV

Tassie Gays' Adoption Win AU (TAS) 01 NOV

October 2002

Sweden to Allow Gay Adoption SE 25 OCT

Children's Aid Society Seeks Gay Foster parents CA (ON) 24 OCT

House of Lords Quashes Gay Adoption UK 18 OCT

September 2002

State Won't Register Gay Couple's Adopted Child IL 24 SEP

Gender Issue Puts Custody Fight on New Level US (IL) 20 SEP

Boy in Custody Battle Must be Returned US (NE) 19 SEP

Momma vs. Mommy in Court US (CO) 18 SEP

South African Court Rules Homosexual Couples Can Adopt Children ZA 10 SEP

August 2002

Lesbian Couple Loses Custody Ruling US (OH) 28 AUG

Pennsylvania Court Ends a Ban on Gay Adoptions US (PA) 21 AUG

Assembly OKs Classes on Gay Foster Children US (CA) 20 AUG

Idaho Supreme Court to Review Decision Denying Gay Man Custody of His Children US (ID) 07 AUG

July 2002

Lesbian Must Pay Ex-partner Child Support US (MA) 19 JUL

Judge Gives Gay Dad Ultimatum US (ID) 11 JUL

San Francisco Backing in Co-Parent Court Fight US (CA) 04 JUL

June 2002

Lesbian Can Ask State for Custody US (NE) 29 JUN

Gay Couple Seeks Recognition of Son IL 18 JUN

ACLU Challenges Rulings on Adoption by Unwed Pairs US (MI) 15 JUN

Michigan Judge Enforces Adoption Ban US (MI) 14 JUN

Transsexual Gets Children After Wife Disobeys Judge's Order US (FL) 09 JUN

Quebec Adopts Same-sex Union and Parental Rights with Supporters Looking On CA (PQ) 07 JUN

Sweden OKs Same-Sex Adoption Plan SE 05 JUN

Michigan County Bans Second-parent Adoptions US (MI) 06 JUN

May 2002

Visitation Rights for Lesbian Mom Overturned US (NY) 30 MAY

The American Psychoanalytic Association Announces Position Statement on Gay/Lesbian Parenting US (PA) 29 MAY

Rights Watchdog Calls for Adoption Rights for Gay Couples IE 22 MAY

U.K. Lawmakers OK Unmarried Adoption UK 17 MAY

Parental Rights of Gays Bolstered US (IN) 16 MAY

Gay Adoption: Judgment Reserved ZA 09 MAY

Britian Backs Gay Adoption Rights UK 07 MAY

April 2002

New Rights for Singles, Same-sex Couples in Newfoundland Adoption Laws CA (NF) 11 APR

Gay Parents Win in Senate US (CO) 11 APR

Family Victory for Lesbian Couple UK 08 APR

Judge Increases Contact Visits for Donor Father AU (VIC) 05 APR

March 2002

House OKs Bill to Ban Same-sex Birth Certificates US (CO) 28 MAR

State Law Vague on Gay Couples' Right to Adopt US (MI) 27 MAR

Delaware Lesbian to Pay Child Support US (DE) 16 MAR

Nebraska Supreme Court Will Revisit Gay Adoptions US (NE) 15 MAR

Blair Dodges Gay Adoption Row UK 14 MAR

Court Rejects Lesbians' Adoption Attempt US (NE) 08 MAR

Gay Father Wins Landmark Ruling UK 07 MAR

Sweden's Parliament to Decide on Gay Adoption SE 07 MAR

February 2002

Euro Court Says Not Illegal to Refuse Gay Adoption FR 26 FEB

Curator for Kids in Gay Case ZA 17 FEB

Lesbian Ex-Partner May Have to Pay Child Support US (DE) 15 FEB

ACLU Takes on Florida's Adoption Ban US (FL) 15 FEB

Sexuality No Barrier AU (NSW) 14 FEB

FDA May Bar Gay Men from Donating Sperm US (DC) 13 FEB

NGLTF Condemns Remarks by Alabama Chief Justice; Recalls Third Anniversary of Brutal Hate Crime in State US (DC) 12 FEB

Sweden Proposes Adoption Rights for Gay Couples SE 05 FEB

Donor is Legal Dad SE 02 FEB

January 2002

California Court to Review Adoption Case US (CA) 31 JAN

Fertility Clinic for Lesbians NZ 28 JAN

Transgendered Man Battles for Child Custody US (FL) 24 JAN

Sperm Donor Fights Lesbians for Son AU (VIC) 24 JAN

Lesbian Couples 'Could Have Own Baby' US 19 JAN

Brazilian Rocker's Gay Partner Wins Child Custody BR 09 JAN

Same-Sex Parental Rights Extended US (PA) 03 JAN
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