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December 2003

Gay Couple 'Parents', Court Finds AU 13 DEC

November 2003

Parenting Milestone AU (ACT) 27 NOV

North Dakota Strikes Down Anti-Gay Parenting Ruling US (ND) 14 NOV

Cambridgeshire Lesbian Couple Are First to Jointly Adopt UK 11 NOV

Gay Adoption on the Rise US 06 NOV

Ruling Seen as Boost to Same-sex Parenting US(ME) 05 NOV

October 2003

Most Adoption Agencies OK Gay Parents US 28 OCT

Swedish Gay Couples Adopt After Change in Law SE 12 OCT

September 2003

Davis Signs California Gay Foster Care Bill US (CA) 09 SEP

Working Group Would Allow Same-sex Couples Limited Adoption Rights FI 03 SEP

August 2003

Assembly OKs Bill on Foster Children US (CA) 22 AUG

California Supreme Court Bolsters Second-parent Adoptions US (CA) 04 AUG

July 2003

Donor Liable in Old-fashioned Way AU (VIC) 11 JUL

April 2003

Transgender Man Can't Have Custody of Boy US (IL) 09 APR

Transwoman is Granted Custody of Her Child CR 04 APR

Judge's Ruling Gives Wider Visitation Rights US (MO) 03 APR

March 2003

Lesbian Couple Prevails in Adoption Suit US (MS) 19 MAR

Appeals Court Rules Lesbian Couple Can Jointly Adopt Children US (IN) 19 MAR

Lesbians Win Birth Certificate Case US (NJ) 12 MAR

Girl, 6 Left to Lesbian in Will UK 06 MAR

Adoption Agency's Gay Bias Ruled Out US (CA) 04 MAR

February 2003

Government Chided Over Gender Law ZA 28 FEB

GOP Nixes Adoption for Gay Couples US (CO) 19 FEB

Gay Parents Sent for Therapy AU (WA) 01 FEB

January 2003

Gay Sperm Donor Denied Access to Lesbian Couple's Child NZ 31 JAN

Gay Father Ordered to Pay Court Costs US (ID) 17 JAN

Swedish Sperm Donor Fights Order to Pay Child Support SE 11JAN
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